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We blow to cool hot things as well as to warm them. Give examples of each.


Example, when we blow to cool hot things:
(i) A cup of tea (ii) any hot food etc.
Example, when we blow to warm a cold thing:
Our hands in the winters.
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The frequency of tuning forks  \(A\)  and  \(B\)  are respectively  \(3\%\)  more and  \(2\%\)  less than the frequency of tuning fork  \(C.\)  When  \(A\)  and  \(B\)  are simultaneously excited,  \(5\)  beats per second are produced. Then the frequency of the tuning fork  \(A (\) (in  \(H z )\)  is
(A) \(98\)
(B) \(100\)
(C) \(103\)
(D) \(105\)
Vessels are absent in
(A) Porous wood
(B) Non porous wood
(C) Both A and B
(D) Angiospermic wood
The life of all multicellular organisms through sexual reproduction starts as a ............
(A) Zygote
(B) Sperm cell
(C) Haploid cell
(D) Egg
The range of the following function \(f(x) = {\cos ^2}{x \over 4} + \sin {x \over 4},x \in R\) is

(A) \(\left[ {0,{5 \over 4}} \right]\)
(B) \(\left[ {1,{5 \over 4}} \right]\)
(C) \(\left[ {1,-{5 \over 4}} \right]\)
(D) \(\left[ {-1,{5 \over 4}} \right]\)
A body of mass \(5\ kg\) under the action of constant force \(\vec F={F}_{x}\hat i+{F}_{y}\hat j\) has velocity at \(t=0\ s\) as \(\vec v=(6\hat i-2\hat j)m/s\) and at \(t=10s\) as \(\vec v=+6\hat j\ m/s\). The force \(\vec F\) is:
(A) \((-3\hat i+4\hat j)N\)
(B) \((-\dfrac {3}{5}\hat i+\dfrac {4}{5}\hat j)N\)
(C) \((3\hat i-4\hat j)N\)
(D) \((\dfrac {3}{5}\hat i-\dfrac {4}{5}\hat j)N\)
Choose the correct form of the noun to fill in the blank:
I have warned you more than one _______ to finish your work before theclass begins.
(A) times
(B) time
(C) timez
(D) None of the above
If the first order reaction involves gaseous reactant and gaseous products the units of its rate are:

(A) \(atm\)

(B) \(atm-sec\)
(C) \(atm- { sec }^{ -1 }\)
(D) \({ atm}^{ 2 }-{ sec }^{ 2 }\)
Molarity of a substancedecreaseswith increase in temperature.
(A) True
(B) False
Write balanced chemical equations for the reduction reaction of lead (II) oxide by carbon.
Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
I can't speak English as ___________ my elder brother.
(A) good as
(B) fluently as
(C) better than
(D) well

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