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The table shows the number of cups of four different beverages sold by a coffee shop. What is the angle of sector representing tea in a pie chart?
Number of cups
 Hot chocolate

(A) \(40^o\)
(B) \(135^o\)
(C) \(108^o\)
(D) \(72^o\)


Answer: B
\(Beverage\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \\ Coffee\\ Tea\\ Hot\quad Chocolate\\ Milk\) \(No\quad of\quad cups\\ \quad 60\\ \quad 75\\ \quad 25\\ \quad 40\\ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \\ \quad 200\)

Sector representing tea \(=\cfrac { 75 }{ 200 } *360\\ =\cfrac { 75 }{ 5 } *9\\ =135\).
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Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.
I remember an episode in _______ my life when I had to spend _______ month in the country.
(A) a/no article
(B) the/a
(C) no article/an
(D) no article/a
(E) an/the
Lustre is a property of:
(A) metals.
(B) non-metals.
(C) metalloids.
(D) none of the above.
Complete the sentence with the most suitable option:
Mr. Benson, ______________________, shot himself.
(A) That was known to be very rich
(B) Whose firm closed because of complaints
(C) We haven't ever met him
(D) He owns several factories
Who has become the champion of the \(3\)rd Kolkata Open International Grandmasters Chess Tournament?
(A) Srinath Narayanan
(B) Dibyendu Barua
(C) Shyam Sundar M
(D) Deep Sengupta
Which country to host the \(2018\) meeting of the BIMSTEC Sub-Group on Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and precursor Chemicals?
(A) Nepal
(B) India
(C) Thailand
(D) Bhutan
Fill in the blanks with themost appropriate word.
You're a brilliant cook! If I _____ cook as well as you, I _____ a restaurant.

(A) Could / would open
(B) Can / will open
(C) Could / will open
(D) Can / would open
Choose the correct option to fill the blank:
Wait here _____ I come back.

(A) till
(B) beside
(C) before
(D) after
The GOBAR-DHAN scheme was launched from which state to promote wealth and energy from waste?
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Punjab
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Haryana
State which of the following are true
(A) \(\frac{5}{8}=\frac{25}{40}\)
(B) \(\frac{6}{7}=\frac{12}{27}\)
(C) \(\frac{2}{7}=\frac{4}{14}\)
(D) \(\frac{-8}{7}=\frac{-72}{56}\)
Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
I finished _____ the television, and then I went to bed.
(A) Watching
(B) To watch
(C) Watch
(D) Watch to

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