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The forward section of the nasal cavity within and above each nostril, is called as
(A) Conchae
(B) Vestibule
(C) Turbinates
(D) All of the above


Answer: B
The forward section of the nasal cavity within and above each nostril is called as a vestibule. This region of the nose is lined by stratified squamous epithelium on which stiff hairs are present which prohibit entry of dust particles coming along with the inspired air.
So, the correct answer is option B.
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How many approved stock exchanges are present in India?
(A) \(19\)
(B) \(20\)
(C) \(21\)
(D) \(23\)
Describe the role of the following: 
(a) \(NaCN\) in the extraction of Silver from Silver ore.
(b) Iodine in the refining of titanium. 
(c) Acryolite in the metallurgy of Aluminum. 
What causes lightning?
(A) Excessive electric charge in the atmosphere
(B) Increased chemical energy in the atmosphere
(C) Attraction between two oppositely charged clouds
(D) All of the above
The function of hair follicles inside the nose is
(A) To control the amount of air being inhaled.
(B) To moisten the air.
(C) To detect the presence of oxygen in air.
(D) To trap germs and dust particles in the air.
Insert suitable modal auxiliary:
I _____ travel by train as I reached the station late by few minutes.
(A) can't
(B) couldn't
(C) won't
(D) wouldn't
An application under section \(8\), Arbitration and Conciliation Act, \(1996\), contemplates __________.
(A) a matter pending before the Court
(B) a matter pending before a quasi-judicial authority
(C) a matter pending before an administrative authority
(D) either (a) or (b) or (c)
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(A) \(\dfrac{1}{2}\)
(B) \(1\)
(C) \(\dfrac{1}{3}\)
(D) \(\dfrac{1}{4}\)
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(A) it may try to hurt someone.
(B) it moves its trunk from side to side.
(C) one shouldn't throw stones at it.
(D) one should keep perfectly still.
(E) it never shows it.
Name the areas that were once parts of the Gondwana land.
In which state the percentage of people living below poverty line is the largest? (Census 2010-11)
(A) Odisha
(B) Bihar
(C) M.P
(D) U.P

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