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State with reasons, which of the following pairs of terms are of like terms and which are of unlike terms : (i) \({7}{x},{12}{y}\) (ii) \({15}{x}-{21}{x}\) (iii) \({4}{a}{b},{7}{b}{a}\)


(i) \({7}{x}={7}\times{x}\)

\({12}{y}={2}\times{2}\times{3}\times{y}\) so, unlike

(ii) \(-{21}{x}=-{3}\times{7}\times{x}\)

\({15}{x}={3}\times{5}\times{x}\) so, like

(iii) \(-{4}{a}{b}=-{2}\times{2}\times{a}\times{b}\)

\({7}{b}{a}={7}\times{b}\times{a}\) like

(iv) \({3}{x}{y}={3}\times{x}\times{y}\)

\({3}{x}={3}\times{x}\) unlike

(v) \({6}{x}{y}^{{2}}={2}\times{3}\times{x}\times{y}\times{y}\)

\({9}{x}^{{2}}{y}={3}\times{3}\times{x}\times{x}\times{y}\) unlike

(vi) \({p}{q}^{{2}}={p}\times{q}\times{q}\)


(viii) \({m}{n}^{{2}},{10}{m}{n}\)



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