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Snakes are not found in Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland and New Zealand because 
(A) They are cold blooded
(B) They are carnivores
(C) They have poisonous fangs
(D) None of the above


Answer: A
Many carnivores are found in extremely cold areas.
Fangs are not affected by external temperatures hence they aren't contributing in the habitats of snakes.
They are cold blood or their inability to maintain a body temperature limits their existence to some areas having warm climates as they will not be able to survive in such extreme cold.
So the correct answer is 'They are cold blooded'.
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In diploid zygote, chromosome number is 40. Chromosome number in a gamete will be
(A) 10
(B) 20
(C) 30
(D) 40
Choose the option that best corrects the sentence at the underlined point.

I wonder who the new president of the organization is.

(A) is?
(B) is,
(C) is!
Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the speaker's argument?
(A) studies showing computers are expensive
(B) research on the effect of computer games on children
(C) examples of high school students who use computers improperly
(D) proof that the cost of computers is coming down
(E) evidence that using computers makes learning to read difficult
ImportDuty Account is ________ in nature.

(A) Real
(B) Nominal
(C) Personal
(D) None of the above
Two cars \(C_{1}\) and \(C_{2}\) of masses \(M_{1}\) and \(M_{2}\) have similar tyres. Given that \(M_{1}>M_{2}\) and initially both the cars are moving with the same speed. Let the minimum stopping distance for them be \(x_{1}\) and \(x_{2}\), then:
(A) \(x_{2}>x_{1}\)
(B) \(x_{1}=x_{2}\)
(C) \(x_{1}>x_{2}\)
(D) \(none\ of\ these\)
\({ Be }^{ +3 }\) and a proton are accelerated by the same potential,their de-Broglie wavelengths have the ratio:
(Assume mass of proton = mass of neutron)

(A) \(\dfrac{1}{2\sqrt{2}}\)
(B) \(1:4\)
(C) \(1:1\)
(D) \(1:3\sqrt { 3 } \)
The ordinary pressure of air surrounding us is

(A) 15 pounds
(B) 16 pounds
(C) 14.2 pounds
(D) 14.7 pounds
Change the following sentence into passive voice.
Did you speak the truth?
(A) Was the truth spoken by yourself?
(B) Was the truth spoken by you?
(C) Did the truth spoken by you?
(D) Did the truth spoke by yourself?
A man standing on a trolley pushes another identical trolley (both trolleys are at rest on a rough surface), so that they are set in motion and stop after some time. If the ratio of mass of first trolley with man to mass of second trolley is 3, then find the ratio of the stopping distances of the second trolley to that of the first trolley. (Assume coefficient of friction to be the same for both the trolleys)
(A) 9
The compound unstable nucleus \(_{92}^{236}U\) often decays in accordance with the following reaction \(_{92}^{236}U\rightarrow _{54}^{140}Xe+_{38}^{94}Sr+\) other particles
In the nuclear reaction presented above, the "other particle" might be

(A) an alpha particle, which consists of two protons and two neutrons
(B) two protons
(C) one proton and one neutron
(D) two neutrons

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