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Salil wants to put a picture in a frame. The picture is \({\left({7}\right)}\frac{{3}}{{5}}{c}{m}\) wide. To fit the frame the picture cannot be more than \({\left({7}\right)}\frac{{3}}{{10}}{c}{m}\) wide. How much should the picture be trimmed ?


Width of picture \(={7}\frac{{3}}{{5}}{c}{m}=\frac{{38}}{{5}}{c}{m}\)

Width of picture to fit the frame \(={7}\frac{{3}}{{10}}=\frac{{73}}{{10}}{c}{m}\)

So, measure of picture that should be trimmed \(=\frac{{38}}{{5}}-\frac{{73}}{{10}}=\frac{{{76}-{73}}}{{10}}=\frac{{3}}{{10}}{c}{m}\)
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