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Ramesh had \(20\) pencils, Sheelu had \(50\) pencils and Jamaal had \(80\) pencils. After \(4\) months. Ramesh used up \(10\) pencils, Sheelu used up \(25\) pencils and Jamaal used up \(40\) pencils. What fraction did each use up? Check if each has used up an equal fraction of her/his pencils?


Ramesh \(=20\) pencils
Sheelu \(=50\) pencils
Jamaal \(=80\) pencils
After \(4\) months
Ramesh \(=10\) pencils used
Sheelu \(=25\) pencils used
Jamaal \(=40\) pencils used
Fraction of pencils used \(=\dfrac{10+25+40}{20+50+80}=\dfrac{75}{150}=\dfrac{1}{2}\)
Ramesh \(=\dfrac{10}{20}=\dfrac{1}{2}\)
Sheelu \(=\dfrac{25}{50}=\dfrac{1}{2}\)
Jamaal \(=\dfrac{40}{80}=\dfrac{1}{2}\)
Hence equal fraction of pencils all used.
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A lady is standing in front of a plane mirror at a distance of 1 m from it. She walks 60 cm towards mirror. The distance of her image now from herself (ignoring the thickness of the mirror) is _________.
(A) 40 cm
(B) 60 cm
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Of the 17 goals enlisted in SDG, which of the following are part of it?
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2) Habitation
3) Consumption
4) Marine ecosystem
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Electric Power =
(A) \(\dfrac{Electric \ \ work}{Time \ \ in \ \ seconds}\)
(B) \(\dfrac{Electric \ \ energy}{Time \ \ in \ \ seconds}\)
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Consider the following statements:
\(1.\) Heat can be reflected by mirror.
\(2.\) Heat is a form of energy.
\(3.\) Heat cannot pass through vacuum.
\(4.\) Heat is an electromagnetic radiation.
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(B) Avadi Session of 1955
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Complete the sentence with the appropriate form of the given verb:
They've invited me to their house. They ___________ (be) offended if I don't go.

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(B) will be
(C) are
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(D) I am not read a newspaper today.
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The Browns family ______________ about moving for several months.

(A) thinking
(B) had been thinking
(C) been thinking
(D) will thinking

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