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Pizza was cut into 8 pieces. Annu ate one piece.What part of pizza was ate by Annu?
(A) \(\dfrac{1}{4}\)
(B) \(\dfrac{1}{8}\)
(C) \(\dfrac{2}{4}\)
(D) \(\dfrac{3}{4}\)


Answer: B
Total pieces of pizza \(= 8\)
Pieces eaten by Annu \(= 1\)

\(\therefore\) Part of pizza eaten by Annu \(=\) Pieces eaten \(\div\) Total pieces
\(= \dfrac{1}{8}\)
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There are \(74\) coconut cookies and \(48\) chocolate cookies in a jar. Estimate the total number of cookies. 
Round the numbers to the nearest ten and add.
(A) \(120\)
(B) \(132\)
(C) \(130\)
(D) \(12\)
Determine the integer whose product with \((-1)\) is \(5\)
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Express in Indian system of numeration.
Three million four hundred thirty five thousand two hundred twenty five.
(A) \(345,225\)
(B) \(34,352,25\)
(C) \(3,43,52,25\)
(D) \(34,35,225\)
Choose whether the following statement is True or False:
The underlined words in the given sentence form an adjective clause:
Tonight we will go for dinner wherever you like.

(A) True
(B) False
Arrange the following events in chronological order.
(I) Treaty between England-France
(II) A political revolution in Turkey.
(III) A friendship treaty between England-Japan.
(IV) A friendship treaty between England-Russia.

(A) (I), (III), (II), (IV)
(B) (II), (I), (IV), (III)
(C) (III), (I), (IV), (II)
(D) (IV), (III), (II), (I)
Political Parties and their founders are given below. Find out the correct option of the pair:
(A) Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(I) Sharad Pawar
(B) Bahujan Samaj Party(II) Balasaheb Thackeray
(C) Shivsena(III) Kashiram
(D) Nationalist Congress Party(IV) Raj Thackeray

(A) (A)-(IV) & (B)-(III) & (C)-(II) & (D)-(I)
(B) (A)-(I) & (B)-(II) & (C)-(IV) & (D)-(III)
(C) (A)-(II) & (B)-(I) & (C)-(III) & (D)-(IV)
(D) (A)-(III) & (B)-(IV) & (C)-(I) & (D)-(II)
Choose the correct meaning of the idioms and phrases:
To bite the dust.
(A) Thoroughly depressed
(B) To suffer defeat
(C) To do something wrong
(D) To fall down
Replace the underlined noun with the appropriate verb in the below sentence:
The government brings in strict regulations for the pharma industry from time to time.
(A) The government strictly regulations the pharma industry from time to time.
(B) The government strictly regules the Pharma industry from time to time.
(C) The government strictly regulates the Pharma industry from time to time.
(D) None of the above
Write the following cubes in the expanded form \((2a + 3b)^{3}\)

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