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On \(29\) October, the moon came out at \(\underline {}\) minutes past \(\underline {}\) o'clock.


On \(29\) October, the moon came out at \(\underline {17}\) minutes past \(\underline {8}\) o'clock.
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In which of the following energy of \(2s\) orbital is minimum.
(A) \(Li\)
(B) \(Na\)
(C) \(K\)
(D) \(H\)
Give a brief account on the needofclassification?
Identify the case of the underlined noun in the following sentence:
The Prime Ministergave a fantastic speech on Independence Day.
(A) Nominative
(B) Objective / Accusative
(C) Possessive
(D) Dative
Find the middle term in the expansion of \(\left( \dfrac { { 2x }^{ 2 } }{ 3 } -\dfrac { 3 }{ 2x } \right) ^{ 12 }\).
If \(\vec A = 2\hat i + 7 \hat j + 3 \hat k\) and \(\vec B = 3\hat i + 2 \hat j + 5 \hat k\), find the component of \(\vec A\) along \(\vec B.\)
Algae are useful because they
(A) Purify the atmosphere
(B) Are large in number
(C) Are used in fermentation
(D) Are used to study respiration
When plastics are burnttoxic substances are released into air causing ___________pollution.
(A) water
(B) air
(C) soil
(D) None of these
Useful life of fixed asset is _________.
(A) The period over which a depreciable asset expected to be used by the enterprises, or
(B) The number of production or similar units expected to be obtained from the use of the asset by the enterprise
(C) (A) or (B)
(D) None of the above
Evaluate \({(\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2})}^{6} -{(\sqrt{3}-\sqrt{2})}^{6}.\)
The floor of the cattle shed needs _______
(A) To be sloping so as to stay dry
(B) To facilitate cleaning
(C) Option a and b
(D) None of these

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