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Jacobson's organs are connected with
(A) Touch
(B) Smell
(C) Sight
(D) Hearing


Answer: B
Jacobson's organ, also known as vomeronasal organ is an organ of chemoreception and part of olfactory system. These are present in many animals and help them to smell things. These are present in the form of patches of sensory cells in the nasal chamber. They lie close to the nasal bone. These organs are named after their discoverer, Ludvig Levin Jacobson.
So, the correct answer is 'Smell'.
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Find out the correct statement.
(A) Endocrine glands regulate neural activity but not vice versa.
(B) Neurons regulate endocrine activity but not vice versa.
(C) Endocrine glands regulate neural activity and nervous system regulates endocrine glands.
(D) Neither hormones control neural activity nor the neurons control endocrine activity.
Sir Charles Wood's Despatch on Educational reform led to the establishment of first three universities in India.they were established during the year _____________.
(A) 1854
(B) 1857
(C) 1858
(D) 1904
The van't Hoff factor of \(0.1\:M\:La(NO_3)_3\) solution is found to be \(2.74,\) the percentage dissociation of the salt is:
(A) \(\;85\%\)
(B) \(\;58\%\)
(C) \(\;65.8\%\)
(D) \(\;56.8\%\)
The following reactions are carried out:

\(A:\) Nitrogen + metal \(\rightarrow\) compound \(X\)
\(B:\) \(X\) + water \(\rightarrow\) ammonia + another compound
\(C:\) Ammonia + metal oxide \(\rightarrow\) metal + water + \(N_2\)

One metal that can be used for reaction \(A\) is magnesium. Write the correctly balanced equation for reaction \(B\), where \(X\) is the compound formed.
(A) \({Na }{ N }_{ 2 }+{ H }_{ 2 }O\rightarrow { NH }_{ 3 }+Na_2O\)
(B) \({Mg }_{ 3 }{ N }_{ 2 }+{ 3H }_{ 2 }O\rightarrow { 2NH }_{ 3 }+ 3MgO\)
(C) \({Ca }_{ 3 }{ N }_{ 2 }+{ H }_{ 2 }O\rightarrow { NH }_{ 3 }+CaO\)
(D) None of these
Metacoel is the cavity in the  
(A) Cerebral hemispheres
(B) Diencephalon
(C) Cerebellum
(D) Medulla oblongata
The refractive index of glass is \(1.5\). From a point \(P\) inside a glass block, draw rays \(PA, PB\) and \(PC\) incident on the glass-air surface at an angle of incidence \(30^o, 42^o\) and \(60^o\) respectively.What is the angle of refraction for the ray \(PB\) ? (Take \(\sin 42^o = \cfrac{2}{3}\) )
(A) \(0^o\)
(B) \(30^o\)
(C) \(60^o\)
(D) \(90^o\)
Find the ratio of the first quantity with the second in its simplest form.

11 yr. 8 months to 8 yr. 4 month ratio is 7:5,if true then enter \(1\) and if false then enter \(0\).

(A) 1
Enzyme, vitamins and hormones can be classified into a single category of biological chemicals, because all of these
(A) Decrease metabolism.
(B) Are conjugated proteins.
(C) Are exclusively synthesized in the body of a living organism as at present.
(D) Help in regulating metabolism.
Pituitary controls urine volume through
(D) GH
The pollen grain is
(A) An immatures male gametophyte.
(B) A mature male gametophyte.
(C) Partially developed male gametophyte.
(D) Both (A) and (C)

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