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Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.
I remember an episode in _______ my life when I had to spend _______ month in the country.
(A) a/no article
(B) the/a
(C) no article/an
(D) no article/a
(E) an/the


Answer: D
OPTION D is the correct answer.
There are two types of articles:
DEFINITE ARTICLE (THE) : Article 'the' is used to refer to a DEFINITE thing or person.
INDEFINITE ARTICLE(A/AN): Article 'a/an' is used to refer to a thing or person in general. For instance: man, door etc.
Article 'a' is used with consonant sounds whereas article 'an' is used with vowel sounds.
In the first blank, my is a possessive adjective, therefore, no article will be used.
In the second blank, month is a common noun, therefore, article a will be used.

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Lustre is a property of:
(A) metals.
(B) non-metals.
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Complete the sentence with the most suitable option:
Mr. Benson, ______________________, shot himself.
(A) That was known to be very rich
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Fill in the blanks with themost appropriate word.
You're a brilliant cook! If I _____ cook as well as you, I _____ a restaurant.

(A) Could / would open
(B) Can / will open
(C) Could / will open
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Wait here _____ I come back.

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(B) beside
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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
I finished _____ the television, and then I went to bed.
(A) Watching
(B) To watch
(C) Watch
(D) Watch to
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(A) Stigma
(B) Ovary
(C) Anther
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