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Can you think why Sunitas hair was standing?


We know that on earth, our hair remain in downwards portion due to earths gravitational force. But in space, there is no such gravitational force. That is why Sunitas hair was standing.
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Largest tiger population is found in

(A) Sunderban national park
(B) Corbett national park
(C) Ranthambhor national park
(D) Kanha national park
The ultimate source of energy for living being is
(A) Sunlight
(C) Fats
(D) Carbohydrates
The electronic configuration of an element is \(1s^2, 2s^2, 2p^6, 3s^23p^3\). What is the atomic number of the element which is just below the given element in theperiodictable?
(A) \(34\)
(B) \(49\)
(C) \(33\)
(D) \(31\)
If \(x\in N\) and \(\left\lfloor \begin{matrix} x+3 & -2 \\ -3x & 2x \end{matrix} \right\rfloor =8\), then find the value of \(x\).
At what height above the surface of earth acceleration due to gravity reduces by \(1\)%?
Law of multiple proportions can be illustrated by taking the example of:
(A) \(NaOH\) and \(KOH\)
(B) \(NaCl\) and \(NaBr\)
(C) \(SO_2\) and \(SO_3\)
(D) \(H_2CO_3\) and \(CO_2\)
Match the column I with column II
Column IColumn II
B.Cytokinin2.Growth inhibitor
C.Phytochrome3.Flowering hormone

(A) A- 4, B- 3, C- 2, D- 1
(B) A- 3, B- 4, C- 2, D- 1
(C) A- 2, B- 4, C- 1, D- 3
(D) A- 2, B- 1, C- 3, D- 4
Two closed vessel \(A\) and \(B\) of equal volume of \(8.21L\) are connected by a narrow tube of negligible volume with open valve. The left hand side container id found to contain \(3\ mole \, CO_2\) and \(2\ mole\) of \(He\) at \(400K\). What is the partial pressure of \(He\) in vessel \(B\) at \(500K\)?
(A) 2.4 atm
(B) 8 atm
(C) 12 atm
(D) None of these
Two power of a converging lens is 4 D and that of a diverging lens is 2.5D.The power of this combination of lenses placed closed together is:
(A) +1.5 D
(B) +7.5 d
(C) -7.5 d
(D) -1.5 D
Which union minister had recently launched \(100\) accessible websites for Divyangs? [Jan 2018]
(A) Narendra Modi
(B) Alphons Kannanthanam
(C) Thaawarchand Gehlot
(D) Narendra Singh Tomar

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