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A resistor of \(200\;\Omega\)  and capacitance \(\text{15}\; \mu F \)  are connected in series to a \({220\;\text{V}}\)  and \({50\;\text{Hz}}\) source. Calculate current in the circuit.


According to the question \(R=200\;\Omega\) and \(C=15\; \mu F, V=220\;V\) and \(\text{frequency}=50\;\text{Hz}\)
The impedance of the circuit= \(Z=\sqrt{R^2+X_c^2}=\sqrt{R^2+\left(2\mathit{\pi vC}\right)^2}\)
\(\sqrt{200^2+\left(2\times 3.14\times 50\times 15\times 10^{-6}\right)^2}\)
\(=291.67\;\Omega \)
\(I=\frac V Z\)
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