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Arabs were defeated in AD 738 by ______.
(A) Pratiharas
(B) Rashtrakutas
(C) Palas
(D) Chalukyas


Answer: A
The Battle of Rajasthan is a battle (or series of battles) , taken place in 738 A.D., somewhere on borders on modern Sind-Rajasthan. In the battle, the Gurjar Hindu alliance of Nagabhata I of the Pratihara Dynasty and Vikramaditya II of the Chalukya dynasty defeated the Arab invaders. The Arabs crossed over to the other side of the River Indus, abandoning all their lands to the victorious Indian kings.
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In 2009-10, agricultural exports formedabout _____% of national exports.

(A) 10
(B) 12.2
(C) 3.5
(D) 3.1
If the guarantee company having share capital, the liability of shareholders will be ___________.

(A) guarantee + unpaid value of shares
(B) unpaid value of shares
(C) unlimited
(D) none of the above
Identify the Vijaynagar coin which was in circulation and was the most widely recognised currency.

(A) Dinar
(B) Huna
(C) Panam
(D) Pagoda
Watermelon model of atom was proposed by :
(A) Rutherford
(B) Thomson
(C) Bohr
(D) Sommerfeld
Suppose a department store has a sale on at silverware, if the price of a plate setting is reduced from Rs. \(300\) to Rs. \(200\) and the quantity demanded increase from \(3000\) plate-sittings to \(5000\) plate sittings, what is the price elasticity of demand for silverware?
(A) \(.8\)
(B) \(1.0\)
(C) \(1.25\)
(D) \(1.50\)
Five moles of Hydrogen initially at STP is compressed adiabatically so that its temperature becomes \(673\ K\). The increase in internal energy of the gas, in \(kJ\) is:
[\(R=8.3 J/mole-K; \gamma=1.4\) for diatomic gas]

(A) \(80.5\)
(B) \(21.55\)
(C) \(41.50\)
(D) \(65.55\)
Choose the option that best corrects the underlined part of the sentence:
Eunice turned on the television after she had finished her dinner.

(B) since
(C) though
(D) whenever
What do we mean by ITES?
(A) Indian Technology Enabled Services
(B) International Telecommunication Extra Services
(C) Information Technology Enabled Services
(D) none of the above
Mohenjodaro was flooded for a number of times, which of the following is time?
(A) For once
(B) For thrice
(C) More than seven times
(D) Never
The following sentences are from a paragraph. The first and the last sentences/ parts are given. Choose the order in which the four sentences/ parts (PQRS) should appear to complete the paragraph.

\(S_1\): Calcutta, unlike other cities, kept its trams.
\(S_2\): ______________
\(S_3\): ______________
\(S_4\): ______________
\(S_5\): ______________
\(S_6\): The foundation stone was lain in \(1972\).
P: As a result, there was horrendous congestion.
Q: It was going to be the first in south Asia.
R: They run down the centre of the road.
S: To ease it, the city decided to build an underground railway line.
Choose the correct sequence from the given options.


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