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All living organisms are linked to one another because
(A) they have common genetic materical of the same type
(B) they share common genetic material but to varying degrees
(C) all have common cellular organisation
(D) all of the above


Answer: D
All organism share common genetic material, i.e., DNA and RNA. However, it can vary to certain degrees.
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What is the characteristic brancghing pattern of dictyota thallus?
(A) Monopodial
(B) Excurrent
(C) Dichotomous
(D) Deliquescent
Which of the following statements is incorrect with regard to bilateral symmetry?
(A) Body can be divided into two equal halves by a single plane only.
(B) The organisms that show bilateral symmetry have paired body organs that occur on the two sides of a central axis.
(C) It is found in all invertebrates and few vertebrates.
(D) Spider and crab show bilateral symmetery.
Which one of the following groups of animals is correctly matched with its characteristic feature without any exception ?
(A) Reptilla : possess 3-chambered heart with an incompletely divided ventricle
(B) Chordata : possess a mouth with an upper and a lower jaw
(C) Chondrichthyes : possess cartilaginous endoskeleton,
(D) Mammalia : give birth to young ones.
What is true about genetic material of a prokaryotic cell ?
(A) Lacks histones
(B) Not enceloped by nuclear membrane
(C) Composed of a single circular DNA molecule
(D) All of these
Plastids differ from mitochondria on the basis of which of the following features ?
(A) Presence of two layers of membrane
(B) Presence of ribosome
(C) Presence of thylakodis
(D) Presence of DNA
Which of the following phases of the cell cycle is not a part of interphase?
(A) S
(B) \({G}_{{{1}}}\)
(C) \({G}_{{{0}}}\)
(D) M
Select the correct pair out of the following
(A) Hypostomatic leaf-dicots
(B) epistomatic leaf-monocots
(C) amphistomatic leaf-free-floating hydrophytes
(D) presence of sunken stomata in leaf-submerged hydrophytes
Carrier ions like \({N}{a}^{{+}}\) faciltate the absorption of substance like
(A) amino acids, and glucose
(B) glucose and fatty acids
(C) fatty acids and glycerol
(D) fructose and some amino acids.
Chemosynthetic bacteria obtain energy from
(A) Sunlight
(B) infra red rays
(C) organic substances
(D) inorganic chemicals.
Comprehension of spoken and written words take place in the region of
(A) association area
(B) motor area
(C) Wernicke's area
(D) Broca's area

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