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2 ) suppose you discovered a new element with 120 protons and 2 electrons in its outermost energy level (valence shell).
a. in which group does this new element belong?
b. is this new element a metal, a nonmetal, or a metalloid? explain your reasoning.


a. Group 2
 b. Metal 
 a. The current highest numbered element known is Oganesson with an atomic number of 118 and it's the last period 7 element in group 18 (Noble gases). The hypothetical element number 120, would be the 2nd element in period 8 and the described electron configuration matches other group 2 elements such as Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium, and Radium. 
 b. The hypothetical element would be quite similar to the other group 2 elements which are the alkaline earth metals. The element would be expected to be a bit more reactive than Radium.
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